Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WAH! Creations : stands for Work At Home Creations.

Anusha and Vaishali run this organization with pride and passion to give a web presence to your umpteen small time/big time Indian entrepreneurs. Every time we create a website, we want to showcase our client's achievements, their pride and their priorities to the whole world to witness and appreciate.

A complete understanding of our clients' need is taken first before even starting with the creation of the website. All the technical writing needed for the website creation is handled by the designers themselves. We create designs to suit the mood and nature of business of our clients and to suit the needs of their end clients. Care is taken to make our pages absolutely usable and easy to get information from.

Till date our clients have been our strength, they have supported us with their good wishes and strong words . Here are a few for your view.

The Child Playschool

Their Comments : They did everything. Didn't bother me with the details. The moment I saw them I knew they would be the one I would get my website developed from. They are very professional in their approach

Abhyaas Playschool

Their Comments : I would call them at odd hours with my concerns and comments and they were very approachable right from the beginning. They have been very sincere and I would want to support them as they grow.

Thangam Corporate Services

Ravishankara Engineers

Kriya  Management Consultants Chennai Pvt. Ltd.

Our Design :